Cablevision Editorials appear on News 12 two minutes before the hour on Cablevision Systems in Long Island and Connecticut. Long Island editorials air on Tuesdays and Fridays, with an additional "Your Turn" weekend segment. Connecticut editorials air on Wednesdays and Fridays. Editorials represent the opinions of the management of Cablevision, and are not the responsibility of News 12.

Supervising editorial operations is Peter Kohler, Vice President of Editorial Services for Cablevision, who also writes and presents the editorials for Long Island. Dianne Wildman, Director of Editorial Services in Connecticut, writes and presents the editorials for Connecticut. Christopher DeFilippis, Senior Editorial Producer, produces Long Island editorials and maintains the Cablevision Editorials website. The editorial staff reports to Sheila Mahony, a Cablevision Consultant. Mahoney served as Executive Vice President, Communications, Government and Public Affairs for Cablevision and retired in 2004.

The editorial process involves a Corporate Editorial Board, comprising top management, and an Editorial Advisory Group, comprising staff in frequent contact with public officials and community groups. Editorial board meetings are frequently scheduled with public officials and community leaders. Feedback and suggestions for editorial topics are encouraged by telephone, mail and e-mail.

Editorial replies are welcomed from those who disagree with Cablevision editorial positions. Replies are scheduled in the same frequency and length as editorials. We do not accept guest editorials or commentaries on subjects not addressed in our editorials.

Viewers are also welcome to respond to editorials using the Your Turn feature, which showcases viewer responses that come to us via telephone and e-mail.